With fraud being rampant, our firm has compiled database from a variety of private sources, former government and international databases. Since we have been in business over 25 years, we have compiled a database of names address and specific criminal violations. We have over 55,000 names in the database including fraudsters, criminals and lawyers that work for fraudsters and list of victims.
 Our fraud database consists of the following
Investment Fraudsters Ponzi Operators Federal Reserve Frauds
Prime Bank Schemes Federal Trading Program Frauds Bureau of Engraving Frauds
Asset-Backed Security Frauds Promissory Note Frauds Bond Account Frauds
University Of Illinois Frauds Capital Enhancement Frauds Johaness Riyadi Fraud
Fraudulent Financial Advisors UNESCO Frauds Foreign Government fraudsters
Divorced Spouse Frauds Humanitarian Frauds United Nations Frauds
419 Nigerian Frauds Gold Frauds/Sierra Leone Ghanian Frauds
Hedge Funds Frauds International Swindles Real Estate Frauds
West African Gold Frauds Operators of Pyramid Schemes International Fraudsters
Marcos Gold Frauds Fake Charities Internet Frauds
IT Frauds Corporate Fraudsters Fake Letters of Credits
Wire Frauds Stock Fraud Caribbean Frauds
Bank Frauds Advance Fee Scams Misc. Frauds
Mortgage Fraudsters Employment Frauds Home Land Security Frauds
Patriot Act Frauds US Treasury note Frauds West African Frauds
Russian Frauds GazProm/oil frauds Pharmaceutical Frauds Counterfeiters Database: Pharmaceuticals
Counterfeiters Database: Aircraft/Auto Parts Sport Frauds Diamond/Gold Frauds
Celebrity Frauds Counterfeiters Database Luxury